Types of Workplace Injuries

It is estimated that over 1 million people suffer from work accident injury every year. No matter what type of profession you are in, the employer has the duty to protect you in the work place.

” But, my office is absolutely safe?” You can ponder over?  Absolutely it is, but do you know even typically safe workplaces are subject to circumstantial hazards. Some types of workplace accidental injuries are as follows:

Fall from Heights:

Falling from heights is a common way to get injured in workplace.  Falls in work accident injury can result from slipping down the stairs, ladders, or even porch.  The Government has introduced a specific legislation to decrease the number of injuries due to falls. It is a must for every house or office to have handhold with the stairs.

While using a ladder, it should be placed securely to avoid slipping .At the same time, the use of ladder is justified when there is less chance of risk and the duration is short.

Defective Equipment:

Many times, an injury occurs due to the use of faulty equipment in the workplace. The cause for such type of accidents  are many- the  work equipment was not in working condition, or the user was not given full training in relation to the working of the equipment.

Chemical Poisoning:

In many cases, it has been found that injury or even death has occurred due to chemical poisoning. Any worker who has been exposed to asbestos, lead or any other chemical for a long time is seen suffering from many health related complications.

Sometimes these chemical substances can be identified but most of the times they are found mixed with other chemicals in paints or dusts.

The above mentioned reasons are some of the causes for workplace injuries.

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