In the commercially and financially precarious arena of litigation, success can only be measured by obtaining the best possible outcome for the client. In order to achieve this, our commercial litigation solicitors regards the needs of the client as the benchmark of our operations. With this in mind, our experienced and diverse team accredit our success to our case-by-case development of an effective and precise strategy that addresses the following:   The exact nature of the dispute; The client’s position in relation to the dispute; The client’s claims and concessions to the dispute; Alternate methods of resolution available to the client; Potential fees and outlaysRead More →

If you are unfortunate enough for your debtor being insolvent to repay, the court can organize the proceedings with his or her estate (property and other assets) for your benefit. But the non-payer may attempt to file bankruptcy case against you and resolve hopeless financial situation.  Now you as a creditor may claim in a bankruptcy action the right to payment or court ordered remedies. Your success in claims depends on whether you have secured or unsecured claims. Consult with your Bankruptcy Lawyer to know more about your legal rights in your area. What is Secured Claim? Here the creditor has a lien on property ofRead More →

It is estimated that over 1 million people suffer from work accident injury every year. No matter what type of profession you are in, the employer has the duty to protect you in the work place. ” But, my office is absolutely safe?” You can ponder over?  Absolutely it is, but do you know even typically safe workplaces are subject to circumstantial hazards. Some types of workplace accidental injuries are as follows: Fall from Heights: Falling from heights is a common way to get injured in workplace.  Falls in work accident injury can result from slipping down the stairs, ladders, or even porch.  The Government has introducedRead More →

After two special sessions, the Washington legislature finally reached a compromise budget and along with that passed ESSB 5882, a potpourri of tax provisions. On June 30 Governor Inslee signed the bill. While many Democrats have criticized this bill as providing corporate welfare, most of the preferences provided within the bill are merely a continuation of existing provisions that in most cases prevented substantial increases in the taxation of Washington businesses. One of the most critical provisions in the bill restored a deduction for payroll cost reimbursements received by an employer of record within a centralized payroll system for affiliated businesses. For many years, theRead More →

This week the Department of Revenue presented two draft regulations that it expects to finalize in early 2013. WAC 458-20-257 is scheduled for a CR-102 hearing on January 3, 2013 with an intended adoption date of January 10, 2013. WAC 458-20-162 is scheduled for a CR-105 expedited adoption requiring that any comments be submitted. WAC 458-20-162 governs the taxation of stockbrokers and security houses. This rule is being amended primarily to update the apportionment references for statutory changes that occurred in 2010 and the resulting regulations adopted earlier this year on service apportionment. There are no significant changes, except that the rule now references apportionmentRead More →

Tax Lawyers Tax attorneys hаνе lots  different functions, depending upon thе specific needs of a consumer. Sοmе attorneys deal specifically wіth tax рlаnnіng, helping individuals avoid those difficult situations wіth state οr federal tax entities. Others hеlр individuals figure out thе best ways tο direct thеіr money ѕο thаt thеу avoid tax penalties. Thеѕе things аrе especially valuable tο people wіth lots of income аnd many different investment vehicles. Thаt іѕ nοt аll thаt California tax lawyers dο, though. Additionally, thеу hеlр beleaguered individuals stand up tο thе IRS аnd work things out whеn situations gеt sticky.  California tax lawyers hеlр thеіr clients deal wіth scaryRead More →

The first step from the perspective of  Tax Lawyer The first step within the audit method could be a mail notice inquiring regarding sure things on your taxes. The authority would possibly inquire regarding your charitable giving, a particular form from associate leader or your central office deduction. The letter can detail steps that you simply have to be compelled to absorb your response and a point in time for causing your response back. In general, the authority can request documentation to prove accuracy. At now, you’ll be able to solve the audit on your own. Create image copies of all of the relevant records.Read More →

Most people understand the importance of a will, but many are unfamiliar with Trusts. Both a will and a trust can be used to transfer your property when you die, but that is where the similarity ends. A living trust becomes operative during your lifetime whereas a will is operative only upon your death. A will is public information, while a trust is private. Therefore with a trust, no creditors, heirs or non-heirs who feel they deserve a portion of your estate and those just curious can review the public record of your estate.  Probate  With a will, but no trust your estate is subjectRead More →

  Each attorney practicing at G&G holds an advanced degree in taxation and is well-equipped to help our clients navigate the complex tax laws in order to achieve beneficial results.  We are familiar with the intricacies among the federal, state and local income, estate, gift, transfer, sales and use taxes of several jurisdictions, and are therefore able to provide comprehensive planning strategies and advice.  We regularly assist and/or advise our clients the following areas: ●     Individual income tax minimization  ●     Tax Opinion Letters ●     Private letter ruling requests ●     Mergers and acquisitions ●     Reorganizations ●     Acquisition/disposition of real estate, including like kind exchanges ●     Tax-deferredRead More →