The rate at which marijuana is being consumed recently is very alarming and this is posing a very great danger to it user, not only it user, to his family, friends, neighbor, his immediate environment and finally the country he or she resides at large because whenever the marijuana starts to have an opposite effect on his body system, his immediate environment will be the first to bear the consequence.

This article is just to educate you on the anti-marijuana laws and the different countries that made them.

Here are the laws and punishment binding the smuggling of this health deteriorating drug.


Different countries have made anti-marijuana laws for their respective countries but prison-term is first on our list here. If found with marijuana in one of these countries; Indonesia, United Arab Emirate, United States, North America and other developed countries, traffickers will be faced with at least 12 years prison term depending on the weight of the marijuana he or she possesses. If it were to be discovered that it is above 1kg of marijuana, trafficker will typically receive life imprisonment. Trafficker might even be sentenced to death in countries like Indonesia. Make sure to get a reliable and best federal drug trafficking lawyer Dallas if something like this will happen to you.

Fine or Death Sentence

Some countries such as France, Japan, India and Indonesia have made anti-marijuana laws binding the use of marijuana in their respective countries, and they made anti-marijuana laws for users that; whenever they are found guilty of the possession or the use of marijuana, they will be faced with fines ranging from $25,000 – $200,000 or death sentence depending on the law of the country. These penalties and laws are not just targeted at only users; it is also targeted at growers and distributors.

Loss Of Rights And Benefits.

The anti-marijuana law binding the trafficker and user of marijuana in some countries are targeted at users losing their right and benefits when finding guilty of marijuana trafficking or use. Some of the rights you are bound to loss include the right to carry firearm, loss access to federal school loans. Landlords that are found guilty of giving rent to marijuana users and traffickers might be faced with forfeiture of their house i.e. the house will be seized by the government.

Countries with this law include the United State of America, North America, France, Indonesia, India and other developed countries.

Immigration Actions

Anti-marijuana laws made in some countries subject marijuana users to immediate departure or deportation. They will deport any marijuana trafficker back to his or her country if he or she is an alien and this might prevent the entry of that alien to that country. Countries that practice this law include the United State of America, Indonesia, France, North America, Singapore, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and some other developed country.

Marijuana is one of the most prohibited and the most rated drug all over the world, this has made developed countries impose strict laws on the use of this drug and not only its use but all other related jobs relating to its production or providing service to the growers. The above listed are the anti-marijuana laws and punishment if found guilty of it use and possession.

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